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Video Premiere: Caitlin Cannon - 'Amarillo and Little Rock'

April 12, 2023 1:00 pm GMT

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Last month’s brilliant new single from Caitlin Cannon now gets a suitably cinematic video to bring her vivid road tale to life.

Taken from her forthcoming album The World’s Greatest Alchemist, ‘Amarillo and Little Rock’ is a cathartic voyage from the Texas Panhandle to the deep south by car. As the singer reflects on a misspent life spent always running away from everything, she’s pulled over by a state trooper who questions her sobriety.

The song’s denouement comes with Cannon realizing that instead of running all the time she needs to just stop where she is for a moment and take time out, somewhere between Amarillo and Little Rock.

Filmed and directed by Jesse Weeden, the video features Caitlin Cannon, Noah Bellamy and Luke Munday starring as a guitarist turned psychiatrist and a police officer as the singer makes one last dash for Arkansas.

“When I told Jesse Weeden I needed this little piece of cinema on short notice, I hadn’t expected he’d deliver something so visually compelling,” Cannon told us. “With less than five hours of total shoot time and a one-man crew, I was amazed at his ability to augment the story so artfully. It was fun to do some acting again. I admit I’ve had a lot of experience playing myself getting pulled over. I got very lucky to have cameos by Noah Bellamy and Luke Munday, both incredible musicians in their own right. I’ve gone through periods where I was uninspired in life. It’s impossible to feel that way around here."

Brushes with the law have been sung about before, and this isn’t the first time someone’s been pulled over by the police in a song, but it’s the first time it’s lead to such a life-affirming moment of self-actualisation.

“Is there anywhere in middle America people aren’t working their asses off?”, Cannon sings. “Always running behind, they never can catch up.”

Maybe getting pulled over by the police isn't always such a bad thing.

The video for ‘Amarillo and Little Rock’ is premiering exclusively at Holler below.

Following the release of her critically acclaimed debut, The TrashCannon Album in 2020 and the equally compelling Lucky Break from her duo-project Side Pony, Caitlin Cannon’s new record - engineered and produced by Misael Arriaga - puts her up there with songwriters like Kacey Musgraves and Megan Moroney, with her tongue-in-cheek playfulness and her softened edged classic country sound.

‘Amarillo and Little Rock’ is out now. Follow Caitlin Cannon here for more updates.

Written by Jof Owen
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