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Video Premiere: Bill and the Belles - 'People Gonna Talk'

June 10, 2021 1:30 pm GMT
Last Edited June 30, 2022 12:36 pm GMT

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Anyone who has ever lived in a small town knows that gossip spreads faster than wildfire. The Americana quartet Bill and the Belles play with that idea in their song ‘People Gonna Talk’.

The inspiration for the accompanying video, premiering exclusively at Holler, came from all the characters that pepper a small town. As frustrating as it can be living in a place where everybody knows your business (or feels they have a right to), there are plenty of people to keep it interesting.

“We had no shortage of character on hand for this music video”, said guitarist Kris Truelsen. The band tapped Mehitabel and the What’s Their Name Brothers (Eugene Wolfe, Christine Murdock and Ed Snodderly), who stood in for Bill and the Belles, lip-syncing to the country-folk meets 60s pop-rock song.

“People gonna talk, just let ‘emn/ Gotta keep your head up and forget ‘emn/ They’ll talk about you ‘cuz they got nothing else to don/ Except to tell somebody some made-up story (that’s all about you)”, the real Bille and the Belles sing, harmonizing against a roving fiddle line.

Directed by Josh Littleton, the visual was shot at Nappy’s Bar in Johnson, Tennessee. Wolfe, Murdock and Snodderly play ‘People Gonna Talk’ for patrons in between showing off their individual quirks in a series of karaoke-turned-talent-show vignettes.

“These folks truly embody part of what we love about life in Johnson City, and we were fortunate that they were so willing to get ridiculous with us”, said Truelsen. “We give you a music video that’s a little John Waters, a little local Friday night talent show, and a lot Bill and the Belles”.

‘People Gonna Talk’ appears on Bill and the Belles’ latest album, Happy Again, which takes that sentiment with a heaping spoonful of side-eye. The album came out of Truelsen’s divorce. “One of the darkest times of my life turned out to be one of the most creative”, he says.

Dark, in Bill and the Belles’ case, never means dour. The band finds ways to take even the most challenging topics and find a way to wink at them. With a little help from Mehitabel and the What’s Their Name Brothers, ‘People Gonna Talk’ is no different - a fun tribute to life in a small town.

Bill and The Belles' new album, Happy Again, is out now. The video for 'People Gonna Talk' is premiered exclusively on Holler - watch above.

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Written by Amanda Wicks
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