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Single Premiere: K.C. Jones - Heat Rises

April 20, 2021 12:45 pm GMT
Last Edited June 30, 2022 12:36 pm GMT

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New Orleans might be lauded as America’s great musical crucible, but lying 100 miles west is another key Louisiana musical microcosm: the city parish of Lafayette. It's here, amidst the young, thriving musical community, that you'll find K.C. Jones.

An Appalachia-hailing songwriter and performer, Jones developed her artistry after moving to the bubbling epicentre of Cajun and Creole music, writing predominantly in dual languages with bands like GRAMMY-nominated Feufollet and T’Monde. Such an eclectic pool of musical influences and collaborations - or "obsessions" as Jones calls them - have all come to inspire Queen of the In Between, Jones' debut solo pursuit, set for release on June 18.

Today, Holler are exclusively premiering the record's first single, 'Heat Rises'.

Allured by the glowing embers of a dimming flame, 'Heat Rises' envisages the cycle of a relationship through a night around the campfire. Presenting a candid outlook on love, it's the unhurried storytelling of Jones' earthy voice that makes the song so relatable. From passionate blaze to diminishing burn, she exudes a reflective wisdom that could only come from healed emotional experience. It's a cosmic country night under the stars, complete with the warm strums of an acoustic guitar, the soft swirls of a pedal steel and leisurely late-night harmonies.

K.C. Jones · Heat Rises

Talking of the single, Jones said;

"I had this image one day of an entire relationship happening, as if the cycle of love was likened to one night around a campfire. I’m not sure why I was thinking of love that way, but I spent some time with the image and this song is the product of that. I love relating the feelings within relationships to other experiences in the world outside of human emotion, and this is definitely an example of that. I’ve always envisioned this as a campfire song with a psychedelic edge; that's what I was going for with the chords. Whether or not I achieved it I’m not sure, but I feel like the verses transport me to a plane a little stranger than the normal campfire sing-along."

Queen of the In Between is out now. Listen below:

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Photography by Olivia Perillo.

Written by Ciara Bains
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