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Single Premiere: Kashena Sampson's 'Little Spot of Sun'

August 25, 2021 7:30 am GMT

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Nashville-based singer/songwriter Kashena Sampson was all set to release her new album Time Machine in 2020 when tornadoes struck her community, including The Basement East bar where she works when she's not making music.

"I had the record ready to go, and then the tornado took away the funding for it", she said.

That challenge may have delayed things — but it didn't deter Sampson, who has shared another single off the now-forthcoming album. Listen to 'Little Spot of Sun', premiering exclusively with Holler.

Kashena Sampson · Little Spot Of Sun / Master

Given the story surrounding Time Machine, Sampson's latest song offers a fitting perspective. It's about finding the good in life.

Against inflections of traditional country, she sings, "It's time to go out searching for my little spot of sun". Her vocal presence blends the big-voiced country legends of yore with a touch of blues.

"This song was inspired by my friend [songwriter] Erin Rae’s dog, Billie", said Sampson. "I would always find her somewhere in the house lying down wherever the sun was shining through, one day I found her there and I said, 'Look at you in your little spot of sun' and thought that would be a great song"!

Sampson added, "It’s about searching for the good in life and finding your happiness. Dogs do a great job of this. No matter what our past struggles have been, we can choose to live in the moment and find gratitude in each day. It also is a reminder that nothing is permanent. When things are bad, hold on 'cause it will get better again, and when things are good enjoy it cause there will be low spots again".

Of Time Machine's original tracks, all of them were written by women, including Rae, Mary Bragg, Kyshona Armstrong and Kashena's sister Jolana Sampson.

Time Machine is out September 10.

Written by Amanda Wicks
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