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Single Premiere: Dallas Burrow - 'Born Down in Texas'

May 19, 2021 4:00 am GMT
Last Edited June 30, 2022 12:33 pm GMT

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Dallas Burrow has a fitting name for a Texan. He lives up to it by making music steeped in those roots, even if he’s wandered far from home now and then. The road beckoned when he was younger, long before he got another taste of it when he toured behind his 2019 debut album Southern Wind, playing to some of the biggest audiences of his career.

But through it all, he learned the power — and stability — of home. Now, newly sober, Burrow is preparing to release his sophomore self-titled album. Premiering exclusively at Holler, the first single ‘Born Down in Texas’ uses swampy country-blues to recount his wanderings. The opening electric guitar makes room for Burrow’s distinctively dusky vocals to detail the map of his youth. While he may have ventured across the American south, he knows Texas is his final resting place.

Burrow found inspiration for ‘Born Down in Texas’ in a musical side project. He’d been playing in El Saddle, a jam band fusing together country, rock and blues, where he heard a style that clicked. “We had this whole country blues thing going on, so I really wanted to bottle up some of that magic and write a song in that style,” says Burrow, “This was the result”. The song captures the heat-soaked landscape of the American south as Burrow sets his sights on home.

While Southern Wind showcased Burrow’s wilder side, his self-titled album shows significant personal shifts. There's his sobriety, for starters, but beyond that, Dallas Burrow reflects on themes of home and family, including a song about his father who taught him guitar as a child. In keeping with those larger subjects, Burrow returned to the Texas countryside to record it, working with producer Bruce Robison and recording each song straight to two-inch analog tape. “It’s a throwback style of recording, not unlike the way the Wrecking Crew in L.A. or the Swampers in Muscle Shoals would have done things,” Burrows states.

That live feel crackles throughout Dallas Burrow, which, when thread through Burrow’s singular voice, captures the humidity and haunts of the Texas countryside that formed him.

Dallas Burrow’s self-titled new album is out July 23. New single ‘Born Down In Texas’ is premiering exclusively today at Holler. Pre-save the full album HERE.

Written by Amanda Wicks
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