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Single Premiere: Alyssa Bonagura's 'New Wings'

August 3, 2021 12:30 pm GMT
Last Edited June 30, 2022 12:33 pm GMT

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Nashville singer/songwriter Alyssa Bonagura has shared a live version of her new single 'New Wings'. It's premiering exclusively with Holler. Listen below.

Bonagura performs the effervescent song at The Studio at Adlib in Liverpool, UK. It's clear in the video how much she brightens at being able to perform with a full band again.

"Playing this show and working with Adlib was one of my favorite highlights of 2020", says Bonagura." We all got to come together for the love of music and play after months of no work and I think the love of it really shines through these videos".

"They helped me create an arena stage show with personal visuals that brought the show of my dreams to life", Bonagura added. "Grateful for the opportunity to play with my friends and show my fans what they’ll be getting when they come to one of my upcoming live shows"!

Bonagura released 'New Wings' in July. The song details the power of believing in yourself. "It's painful letting go/ But I ain't gonna lose hope/ 'Cause I know there's more/ So much more/ Like new wings on a butterfly ready to soar/ I ain't gotta stay on the ground no more", she sings on the anthemic track.

Bonagura comes by music honestly. Her parents led the late 1980s country band Baillie & the Boys, and Bonagura joined them on tours from a very early age.

"I was three weeks old when my parents landed another Top 10 single", she said. "My mom said, 'Alright, let's take the kid on the road', and I grew up on their tour bus. My life was waking up in a different city every day and singing with them. I wanted to be just like them".

That early start was just the beginning. Bonagura's father outfitted their attic into a makeshift recording studio, where she began recording her own songs as a teenager. By 16, she was opening for Marty Stuart and serving as a session singer on the side.

Her debut, The English Diaries, came out in 2010 and detailed the three years she spent living in London, absorbing the city's unique sounds and finding a way to connect them to her country roots. Two more albums followed, including 2016's Road Less Traveled.

Bonagura has been busy working on a new album, due out next year. 'New Wings' marks the first single she's shared in the lead-up to that release, with much more to come.

Written by Amanda Wicks
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