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Premiere: Reed Foley - ‘Ain't The First Time’

April 6, 2023 1:00 pm GMT

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There’s a first time for everything… and sometimes there’s a second time and a third time too. And there’s always, always a last time.

The new single from rising country artist Reed Foley is the kind of song that will ring true with anyone who’s ever been through a bad patch in a relationship and kept returning to it. Everyone has their breaking point, and as Foley watches his lover leaving after an argument, he knows this might be hers. This isn’t the first time she’s left, but he’s worrying this might actually be the last.

"I hope ‘Ain't The First Time’ is the kind of song that people can relate to,” Foley told us. “Whether you were dating, engaged or married, I think a lot of people have had that relationship where you go through this intense break-up and then end up getting back together at least once. I know I've been in one of those and that was part of the inspiration for writing and recording this one."

We knew we had the genuine country article right from the first ring pull click of Reed Foley’s 2022 hit ‘Beer Needs Drinkin'' - his light-hearted ode to cracking open a can after a long day of work – but now he shows his softer side with ‘Ain't The First Time’, an oddly uplifting anthem for those moments when giving up on something is the best thing you can do. We keep trying and trying but sometimes we’ve tried all we can and there’s no point in going back to try again.

“We all know the couple that’s always breaking up and getting back together more times than we can count,” says Foley. “I wrote this song because that was me for the longest time in the past, and I know people can relate. 'Ain't The First Time' tells the story of the moment when that rollercoaster ride finally ends.”

Those last times? They're the ones you really need country music for.

'Ain't The First Time' is premiering exclusively at Holler below.

Heart Songs Records · Reed Foley - Ain't The First Time

From the mountains of Sparta, North Carolina to the stages of Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter Reed Foley is making a name for himself in the world of country music. His southern accent and raw vocals demonstrate a solid authenticity from the first note. Starting with neighbourhood performances at the young age of 15, his talents have taken him from small-town bars to some of NASCAR’s biggest stages and everything in between.

With his currently amassed half a million streams across all platforms, Foley is poised to take 2023 by storm. When not performing, he can be found in Nashville writing with some of the industry’s best like Clay Mills, Terry McBride and Brett Sheroky.

'Ain't The First Time' is released on April 7th.

Written by Jof Owen
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