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Premiere: Jarrod Dickenson - 'Buckle Under Pressure'

November 9, 2022 2:00 pm GMT

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"It’s a mighty roar of defiance", explains Dickenson about his new single ‘Buckle Under Pressure’. "It was written entirely in my head during a 12-hour drive from Texas back home to Nashville the day after my former record label told me that they were essentially going to shelve my previous record; an album that they played no part in creating, making it almost impossible for it to ever see the light of day".

"A year-and-a-half-long legal battle ensued, and I was eventually granted back the rights to that album", he continues, "but this song was me gearing up for the fight and refusing to back down. This is the only song I’ve written without a guitar in hand during the writing process. I remember making a voice memo of the song-in-progress while I was stopped for gas, and by the time we made it home that night I got my guitar out of its case, figured out what chords to play underneath what I was singing, and that was it. The song was born, and the defiant attitude and spirit of this new record was born along with it."

Dickenson comes out with all guns blazing as he delivers himself from disappointment in this fiery country soul sermon of salvation and vindication. A big delicious chunk of foot-stomping Americana with a spoonful of sugary northern soul dolloped on top to help it slip down a smoothly. If The Clash had grown up off the I-35 instead of underneath London's Westway, this is what they would have sounded like.

‘Buckle Under Pressure’ is premiering exclusively at Holler below.

"You can knock me down / Baby, I’ll come up swinging / You can steal my songs but you can’t keep me from singing", he sings, and you can practically smell the tyre rubber burning off his wheels as he presses pedal to the metal and lets all the frustration and anger pour up out of him.

Following on from his debut album The Lonesome Traveler and its follow up, the major label released Ready The Horses, Jarrod Dickenson is back and he’s fired up and ready to throw down. If you thought the mild mannered Texas gentleman was going to take the shit we’ve all been through these last few years without putting up a fight, then think again. He’s picking us all back up, bruised and broken, blood and sweat dripping from his fists as he rattles the bars of the cage and stands up for what’s right in this world. The fight is well and truly on.

‘Buckle Under Pressure’ is taken from Jarrod Dickenson's upcoming album BIG TALK out February 3rd on Hooked Records

Written by Jof Owen
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