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Premiere: David Beck - 'Crooked Talk'

August 11, 2022 5:46 pm GMT
Last Edited August 12, 2022 10:46 am GMT

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An esteemed bassist within the Texas circuit, David Beck is best known as the co-frontman of the dynamic and electrifying country outfit Sons of Fathers. He's also known for the infectious rhythms of TexMex and Tejano that infuse David Beck’s Tejano Weekend.

His latest project sees him out on his own again, following up his previous albums Good Nature and Tascam Vols. 1 & 2 with the fittingly titled Bloom and Fade.

The first taste of the new album came with ‘Miner’s Song’ and now, Holler can exclusively present the album’s opener, ‘Crooked Talk’

A gifted storyteller, Beck has married his introspective lyrics and infectious melodies with the production of bands like The War On Drugs and Big Thief to create something grand and bold that jumps out of the speakers at you.

With its distinct alt-country touches, it’s reminiscent of Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend or The Jayhawks at their mightiest, but blown up to Coldplay-size proportions.

“For this record, I had a very clear goal,” says Beck. “There were some discoveries along the way, but I wanted to make the best-recorded album that I could at a high-fidelity studio. I’ve always messed around with the format, but I wanted to do one without any restrictions".

'Crooked Talk' is exclusively premiering today at Holler, listen below:

“A few years ago I had the realization (with the help of a therapist) that not everyone values the same things in life’, Beck told us about the inspiration behind the song.

“Money over family, career over friendship etc. This answered a lot of questions I had about my own family. How could someone who preached constantly about doing ‘good’ abandon an entire family? This song is written from the perspective of one of my uncles about his father”.

Despite its heavy themes, 'Crooked Talk' is sweet, laid-back slacker pop that feels like that first lick of ice cream on a sunny day. It's a glistening country pop classic.

David Beck's new album, Bloom and Fade. is released on September 30th. Holler is exclusively premiering the album opener, 'Crooked Talk', above.

Written by Jof Owen
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