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Premiere: Canaan Cox and Shaylen - 'Twice'

March 8, 2023 12:00 pm GMT

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Break-ups always come with their Sliding Doors moments. No matter how it ends, you’re always left wondering where you’d be if you could go back in time and do things differently, as you look for all the ways it went wrong and wonder if it would be the same if you got to do it all over again.

The new single from Nashville-based rising country artist Canaan Cox ponders all those questions and more as he ruefully twists the knife on his own regrets. Featuring previous Holler New Artist of the Week Shaylen, ‘Twice’ is the kind of powerful soul-stirring country ballad that Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean would top the charts with for weeks on end.

Reminiscing about a past relationship, parked across the street from an old apartment, their minds begin to wander through the what-ifs how-did-we-get-heres of their break-up, leading to a whole new giant one for them to contend with in the song’s denouement.

“What if we were just a little too young / What if it was right but our pride just messed it up and we gave up a little too soon,” they sing, their powerhouse country vocals intertwined in the same post-break-up remorse and over-thinking. “If we loved each other once, could we love each other twice?”

The lyric video for 'Twice' is premiering exclusively at Holler below.

Originally from North Carolina, Cannan Cox has become one of country music’s most exciting new voices in recent years. His music feels like a fusion of contemporary country pop with a soulful R&B flavour, influenced by his father’s love of Conway Twitty, his mother’s own touring band and the pop music his seven sisters bombarded him with.

He went on to earn a BFA in Musical Theatre from Catawba College which enabled him to have a unique musical perspective that influences everything he does today, from writing original music to his performance during live shows.

During a chance encounter in 2021, Canaan met radio and television personality Bobby Bones, who admired his hustle and invited Canaan to appear on his show which reached over 9.2 million listeners. Canaan’s star has been on the rise ever since.

His self-titled seven-track album from last year followed a string of hot country singles, and in May this year he is releasing a new five track EP, which will include ‘Twice’ and previous single ‘Hate Me More’.

“I’ve had many people reach out, giving me their life story or love stories of how my music has helped them through a rough time, a breakup, or simply their morning commute,” says Canaan Cox. “My goal with this forthcoming EP is to expand on, having each song be a story that everyone can relate to.”

‘Twice’ featuring Shaylen is released on Friday March 10

Written by Jof Owen
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