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Premiere: Alyssa Micaela - 'Be About You'

April 26, 2023 11:00 am GMT

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Spring feels like it’s finally here! We’re throwing the windows open wide, letting the sunshine warm our wintery hearts and turning ‘Be About You’ by Alyssa Micaela up so loud we can’t hear ourselves think.

“It’s a love song, in a roundabout way,” Alyssa Micaela tells us laughing. “It’s funny because the song is mostly about me being who I am and liking what I like, but admitting I finally found a guy that inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and write a love song here and there - especially one that makes you wanna dance!”

Co-written with her good friend and Holler favourite Meg McRee along with Emily Landis, ‘Be About You’ is the sound of Alyssa Micaela having an absolute blast as she celebrates life and being in love and, most of all, just being herself. It’s a scrappy little ball of old-school country that fizzes with such a joyful, restless energy it feels like it jumps right out of the speakers and directly into your brain.

“If I’m gonna play music, it’s gonna be country / If I’m gonna take a long trip, I’m going somewhere in the sun”, she sings, embracing the simple things in life with an infectious fervour. “If I’m gonna drink a cold beer, I’m gonna have a few / and if I’m gonna write a love song it’s gonna be about you.”

“The day we wrote it I knew it was a song I wanted to sing forever and it’s been stuck in my head since,” says Micaela. “I’m excited to finally get to share it with everyone!"

‘Be About You’ is taken from Alyssa Micaela’s forthcoming album, The Hard Way, and it follows on from the brilliant singles ‘The Bar Guy’, ‘Girls Like Me’ and ‘If Texas Had a Heart’ from last month.

"It is a damn fun album that’ll make you wanna have a good time, but with just a few songs thrown in there to tug at your heart strings, too,” Micaela tells us. “It is very autobiographical to my life and will give people good insight on who I am and where I come from. My goal when people listen to my music is for them to feel like we could be friends, and like I’m someone they’d wanna go drink a beer with, and I think this album does that.”

We certainly feel like we could be very good friends with Alyssa Micaela here at Holler so we’re thrilled to be exclusively premiering ‘Be About You’ below.

“This is the most ‘me’ music I’ve made yet, and saying I’m proud of it is an understatement,” she says about The Hard Way. “I’ve never really enjoyed listening to myself, but there’s something about this album that makes me wanna play it over and over, and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet! I’m thankful for every single person that had a hand in making it, and even more thankful I get to call them my friends."

“This album started because I finally got to a point where I quit seeking approval from the music industry, and I quit recording songs I felt would impress a label,” Micaela says, reminding us of that same resolute, determined, almost blinkered mindset Margo Price had when she made Midwest Farmers Daughter.

Shortly after moving to Nashville, Alyssa Micaela signed with Liz Rose Music publishing, opening up a world of co-writing most songwriters only dream of.

“I met Liz when I was 15,” Micaela says, stepping back in wonder at it all for a moment. “I’m now 30. She’s stood by me this entire time. She’s the reason I’ve done all of this.”

The Hard Way is released on April 28th under exclusive license to queue records. Click here to order.

Written by Jof Owen
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