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Exclusive Premiere: Catie Offerman - 'Taking Chances'

May 24, 2022 1:00 pm GMT

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We love Catie Offerman here at Holler! Every time she drops something we're waiting to catch it like excitable bridesmaids for a bouquet. So when she told us she had some exclusive video content for us, we jumped at the chance to give it some quality Holler time.

With another song out in the world – the brilliantly titled ‘Don’t Do It In Texas’ – we thought it was time we went back and found out a little bit more about how it all began back for her in that tack barn on that horse ranch in Texas.

One of the genre's most skilled players and promising modern traditionalists, Offerman started taking piano lessons from the church pianist at four years old and picked up a guitar two years later. By the time she was nine, Catie played accordion and fiddle and was classically trained on every instrument she played.

When she was 11 she joined her accordion teacher’s polka band, playing polka festivals for a few years, before switching over to fiddle when she was 14. In ‘Taking Chances’ Catie Offerman and her parents talk about the role that a toy accordion played in her own origin story and how that led to her meeting Terry Cavanagh and joining his polka band.

Watch on if you want to find out who ended up wearing the chicken suit.

Her glorious new single, ‘Don’t Do It In Texas’, is an ode to the messiness of break ups and how far and wide their casualties stretch. After all, when you break up with someone, you don’t only break up with the person; you break up with all the other things that come with that person too. In Catie Offerman’s case, that’s the whole state of Texas that she risks losing.

Released almost two years to the day since she wrote it with Nicolle Galyon and Ryan Beaver over Zoom, Offerman thinks it must be some sort of sign.

“It was such a weird time at the beginning of Covid, but being home back in Texas with my family made the ‘unknowns’ of what we were all going through feel a little sweeter", she says. “The song came from a place of appreciating how special home is - but how quickly a heartbreak can steal such a sacred place away from you”.

“If you know me, you know Texas has a very special place in my heart. It’s everything I love, where my story began, and the place that holds so many special memories,” she explains. “I think everybody knows how a heartache hurts a little more when it steals a special place from you. This song puts me right back home. It may be Texas for me, but it can be anywhere for you.”

Catie Offerman will make her performance debut at this year’s CMA Fest in Nashville on June 11th on the Maui Jim Reverb Stage. She will also return to her hometown of New Braunfels, Texas on July 1st and 2nd to open for reigning ACM New Male Artist of the Year, Parker McCollum.

Written by Jof Owen
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