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Riddy Arman grew up in rural Ohio and developed an appreciation for the land — and for the country and folk music she grew up listening to.

But it wasn't until her 20s, when she moved to central Virginia to work on a friend's farm, that her two passions intertwined. She began writing music more seriously and eventually traveled west to California, Arkansas and eventually New Orleans, where she continued working on her craft and playing live music.

But it took a trip to Montana, where Arman was invited to ranch sit, for music to become the central focus in her life. While there, Arman recorded a Western AF session, introducing a larger audience to her stunning voice and deeply personal lyricism.

Arman released her self-titled debut album in 2021.

Holler Country Music

INTERVIEWIntroducing: Riddy Arman

For Riddy Arman, songwriting is therapy; from when she started crafting songs in her early twenties to today, writing has helped her find a meditative state when the going gets tough.

Holler Country Music

INTRODUCINGSingle Premiere: Riddy Arman's 'Half a Heart Keychain'

In the long tradition of 'singing cowboys', ranch hand and singer/songwriter Arman has much to say.