Kelly McCartney

With a style that is equal parts personal, political, and philosophical, Kelly McCartney inhabits a purposely intersectional corner of the roots music space, making her one of the format’s favourite commentators and curators. As both a journalist and a broadcaster, her passion for music and its makers is palpable, making her the perfect tour guide for listeners looking to explore and expand their musical horizons.

Amythyst Kiah

INTERVIEWOne Hot Minute: Amythyst Kiah

By Kelly McCartney, July 27, 2021

These days, Amythyst Kiah is happy and healthy; fulfilled by a loving relationship, a passel of friends, a Grammy nomination and a new release on Rounder Records. All of this is much like her powerful voice because, really, she's only just getting going.

Holler Country Music

INTERVIEWIn Conversation: Valerie June

By Kelly McCartney, March 17, 2021

Following the release of The Moon And Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers, Valerie June spoke with Kelly McCartney about channelling spirituality into songwriting and capturing ancient ideas in a modern moment.

Brandy Clark Country Singer

LONG READCuts The Deepest: Brandy Clark

By Kelly McCartney, December 18, 2020

Brandy Clark details falling in love with Garth Brooks, her Grandma’s Caprice Classic and how Patsy Cline reminds her how music matters.

Brandi Carlile

LONG READBrandi Carlile and the Art of Kintsugi

By Kelly McCartney, May 12, 2021

To read Broken Horses is to witness the human version of kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing cracks with gold. Through her stories, Brandi examines the beauty of her own brokenness and, in that revealing, she allows us to view our own flaws in the same tender-hearted way, so that we too might heal our wholes.

Holler Country Music

INTERVIEWIn Conversation: Kelly McCartney with Rissi Palmer

By Kelly McCartney, March 31, 2021

Good friends, Apple Music Radio Presenters and grant-fund running trailblazers Rissi Palmer and Kelly McCartney have an open, no-holds-barred conversation about pushing to diversify country and Americana.

Elizabeth Cook

INTERVIEWIn Conversation: Elizabeth Cook

By Kelly McCartney, January 22, 2021

The Country music outlaw talks breaking out of the system, humanising people through song-writing and the balance of grit and vulnerability in her latest album Aftermath.