Will Groff

Will Groff is a music and culture writer whose work has appeared in The Boot, Country Queer, Taste of Country, and beyond.

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ALBUM REVIEWCaitlyn Smith - High

By Will Groff, April 7, 2022

This self-produced set bears the mark of a woman who is secure in her life and in her art.

Old Dominion - Time, Tequila & Therapy Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWOld Dominion - Time, Tequila & Therapy

By Will Groff, October 8, 2021

Time, Tequila & Therapy marries soft-rock and jam-band sensibilities over 13 songs that are most obviously indebted to “Gulf and Western” primogenitor Jimmy Buffett.

Holler Country Music

INTERVIEWIn Conversation: Leyla McCalla

By Will Groff, May 4, 2022

"For me, making music is very intuitive. I wasn’t thinking, I want to expand what Americana is. Honestly, I find it remarkable that this music is considered Americana."

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ALBUM REVIEWDustin Lynch - Blue in the Sky

By Will Groff, February 8, 2022

Blue in the Sky is a solid representation of the commercial country status quo; Dustin Lynch opting to reinforce country tropes even when presented with an opportunity to subvert them.

Luke Combs - Growin' Up

ALBUM REVIEWLuke Combs - Growin' Up

By Will Groff, July 4, 2022

Growin’ Up stubbornly asserts that a solid country album can simply be a solid country album. Whether that will be enough in a market where only the biggest releases get attention, only time will tell.

Holler Country Music

ALBUM REVIEWMaddie & Tae - Through the Madness, Vol. 1

By Will Groff, January 26, 2022

Even when they’re playing it safe, Maddie & Tae make for a captivating pair, and there are nuances to certain songs on this record that reward paying full attention. One only wishes there were more of them.

Artist - Paul Cauthen 1

INTERVIEWPaul Cauthen: Country As Fuck

By Will Groff, April 1, 2022

Paul Cauthen doesn’t care if you think he’s country or not. Sitting down with the man himself, Holler finds out just what makes 'big velvet' country as fuck.

Holler Country Music


By Will Groff, November 8, 2021

As with so much of Swift’s output, Red can be remembered as it should be: truly, gloriously singular. Just don’t say it’s her best album.

Brooke Eden

INTERVIEWTen Year Town: Brooke Eden

By Will Groff, August 18, 2022

Holler catches up with the 'Knock' singer to discuss her early aspirations, the state of LGBTQ representation in country music and what it means to have an "authentic" sound.

Holler Country Music

INTERVIEWIn Conversation: Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

By Will Groff, February 22, 2022

Sarah Shook catches up with Holler to discuss inspirations, the impact of sobriety on their art and how they ensure that people of marginalized identities feel welcome at their shows.

Walker Hayes - Country Stuff The Album Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWWalker Hayes - Country Stuff The Album

By Will Groff, January 20, 2022

The results of this record aren’t offensive, so much as painfully boring.

Cam Country Singer

ESSENTIALSThe Best Cam Songs

By Will Groff, February 10, 2022

Holler takes a closer look at the best songs from one of country music’s most singular voices.

Holler Country Music

STAFF PICKSAdeem the Artist - White Trash Revelry

By Will Groff, December 2, 2022

Adeem the Artist's truth-telling is an antidote not only to country radio but also to our political discourse writ large.

Loretta Lynn

ESSENTIALSThe Best Loretta Lynn Songs

By Will Groff, January 7, 2022

Inspired by the success of Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn parlayed her sizeable talent and natural charm into one of the most successful country careers of all time. We look back at 15 of her best songs.

Merle Haggard

LONG READThe Running Kind: Reconsidering Tradition Through Merle Haggard

By Will Groff, July 28, 2022

Writer David Cantwell speaks to Will Groff about his new book on country icon Merle Haggard.

Holler Country Music

STAFF PICKSMaren Morris - Humble Quest

By Will Groff, March 25, 2022

Humble Quest, the third album from country-pop superstar Maren Morris, is a nuanced return to the fold.