Elton John Country Songs

“I love hillbilly music, I love bluegrass music. It’s just the musicianship that I love.”

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All the finest country blasts from The Pinball Wizard

From 'Texan Love Song' to 'Roy Rogers', this is Elton John's finest country songs.

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Put your 'Crocodile Rock' 7" away, put 'Candle In The Wind' back on the shelf, as we're delving into Elton's other favourite genre in life.

Taken from various records across his collection, this is a definitive playlist of Elton John's finest country songs.

1. No Shoe Strings On Louise - Elton John

2. Country Comfort - Tumbleweed Connection

3. Slave - Honky Chateau

4. Texan Love Song - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player

5. Jack Rabbit - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player

6. Roy Rogers - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

7. Dixie Lily - Caribou

8. Georgia - A Single Man

9. Take Me Back - 21 At 33

10. Can't Get Over Getting Over Losing You - Jewel Box

11. A Woman's Needs - Duets

12. Turn the Lights Out When You Leave - Peachtree Road

13. So Sad The Renegade - Jewel Box

14. Jimmie Rodgers' Dream - The Union

15. Can't Stay Alone Tonight - The Diving Board

Graphic - Guide To Elton John

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