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Elvie Shane Announces Debut EP ‘Country Roads’

By Zoe Hodges

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Elvie Shane has announced the release of his debut EP ‘County Roads’.

The Kentucky native’s debut single ‘My Boy’ was a huge success; breaking into the Country Radio top 30 with a song that demonstrated his tender side. Alongside this latest announcement, Shane releases his second single - the title track from the upcoming EP - where he shows off his wild side.

‘My Boy’ is a tender ballad which describes his unconditional love for his stepson, and was the catalyst for Elvie’s career as an artist. A video of the song went viral in 2018, catching the attention of many, earning him a publishing deal and his record deal with BBR Music Group / BMG Nashville.

Speaking of the EP, Shane said “The response to ‘My Boy’ has been incredible and I’m glad y’all got to see my sweet side, but I want y’all to get to know all of me - from the roughest edges to the smoothest surfaces. This EP tells folks where I came from, what made me who I am and why I am the way I am. I’m a product of small town America and County Roads is the raw, honest truth about my life.”

‘County Roads’ will be released on 4/23 and the single is available to buy and stream now.