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Is Zach Bryan About to Release More New Music?

November 21, 2022 2:56 pm GMT
Last Edited June 3, 2023 1:19 am GMT

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We're quickly approaching the season of giving, but Zach Bryan seems to have been in an unusually generous mood all year long.

He looks set to continue a mammoth streak of releases with another new song, which he teased on his Instagram page last week.

The new song finds Bryan's vocals powering across a dramatic, driving beat. It's a marked gear-shift from the more folksy, stripped-back feel of his recently released singles, ‘Fifth of May’ and ‘The Greatest Day of My Life’.

The track appears to be a tribute to Bryan's late mother, Annette DeAnn, who passed away in 2016. Bryan named his debut album after her, and performed a touching tribute to Annette during his Grand Ole Opry debut.

The unreleased track, which Bryan posted as the soundtrack to a bleak, wintery reel on Instagram, features emotive, heartbroken lyrics such as, “By the time she wakes, I'll be halfway to my mama's house/It just dawned on me life is as fleeting as the passing dawn”.

His voice strains as he goes on to sing, “It was my mistake, she never said a thing about Jesus/I miss my mother's Southern drawl and her praying through the wall in the evening”.

The video clip ends on a more hopeful note, as Bryan muses, “Everything that dies makes its way on back”.

Earlier in the week, Bryan continued his public criticism of the global ticketing platform, Ticketmaster, following the company's role in allowing tickets to Taylor Swift's 2023 Eras tour to sell for exorbitant prices.

Ticketmaster subsequently cancelled the tour's general sale, which meant that many fans ended up missing out altogether.

After the Taylor Swift fiasco, Zach Bryan jokingly teased a song called, ‘All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster (Live from Red Rocks)’, which led to ‘#allmyhomieshateticketmaster’ trending across Twitter. Could this be an upcoming single, too, or is Bryan just trolling Ticketmaster?

Either way, given the fact that Bryan has already released a 34-song album, a summer EP and a handful of singles in 2022, we would certainly be surprised if Christmas came and went without any new music from the ‘Something in the Orange’ hitmaker.

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