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Every Monday, we introduce you to the best new acts in Country, Americana and Roots.

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New Country Artists

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At Holler, we pride ourselves on presenting you with the freshest and most exciting new artists coming onto the scene in the country, Americana and roots landscape.

Whether it be high-rising country charters or authentic Americana acts, you are bound to find your new favourite stars with Holler.

For the third week of September, Clare Dunn is our featured New Country Artist. Her new EP, In This Kind of Light, was written and recorded during her time in quarantine in Colorado. She said that getting back to her roots gave her the inspiration for songs like ‘Holding out For a Cowboy’ and ‘Fool Moon’.

Read our full Introducing interview feature with Clare here.

Alongside Clare, we've found some of the freshest new acts on the scene this week. This includes TK & the Holy Know-Nothings, The Northern Belle, Constant Follower, Alisa Amador and more!

1. Clare Dunn - 'Holding Out For A Cowboy'

2. Clare Dunn - 'How It Comes Off'

3. TK & The Holy Know-Nothings - 'Hell of a Time'

4. The Northern Belle - 'No Rush'

5. Constant Follower - 'Weave of the World'

6. A Tale Of Two - 'Chicago Lightning'

7. Spencer Cullum - 'Tombre En Morceaux'

8. Alisa Amador - 'Timing'

9. Andrea Vasquez - 'Used To'

10. Ella Clayton - 'Always'

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